Eating Scones Correctly Like the Queen

In Main by treska roden

Eating scones correctly is something that most of us do not know how to do. However, as most people love Devonshire tea it is important to know all the steps involved.

The scone can either be cut in half with a knife or broken in half. Both are acceptable.  If the scone has just come out of the oven and is hot, using a knife is preferable.

You then take some jam and cream from the bowls that are in the middle of the table using the spoon that is in each bowl and place a small amount of each at the side of your plate.  Sometimes I have had devonshire tea and there have not been any spoons in the bowls.  If this is the case, you will just have to use your knife.

Now, with your knife you put some jam and some cream on one half of the scone. It is correct to either put the jam first or the cream first.  In England, people who come from Devonshire put the cream on first and people who come from
put the jam on first, so you then know where they come from!

So now, you eat this first half. You may put it down on the plate if you have taken a bite and wish to have a sip of tea. It is not necessary to eat it all at once. However, be sure to wipe your mouth at the corners with your serviette before taking a sip of tea.

Once you have finished the first half, you then jam and cream the second half and eat.

Bon appetit.

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