What to do with Your Serviette

In Main by treska roden

It is often confusing to know what to do with your serviette in different situations.

For example, I am often asked what to do with a serviette if a person has to leave the table for a few minutes.

Two places

There are two acceptable places to put the used serviette – one is on your chair – either on the seat of the chair or the back of the chair.  I favour the second option as the seat of your chair is not really hygienic. You don’t want to return to the table and then start wiping your mouth with a non hygienic serviette.

How to unfold a serviette?

The other question I am asked is how do I unfold the serviette if the waiter does not do it for me?  The answer to this is to discretely unfold it and place it on your lap.  You should either fold the serviette in half or 1/3 – 2/3.  If you do the latter the 1/3 should be closest to your lap and the 2/3 section should be on top.  The fold part should be nearest your body.

When to use it?

You should wipe your mouth each time before you take a sip of drink.  You should just wipe each side of the mouth in the crease.  This is to remove any food that may be there so it does not go onto the beautiful wine or water glass that you are about to drink from.  It is not necessary to wipe your mouth again before eating.

What to do with your dirty serviette?

Do not replace your used serviette onto the table until all diners are finished their meal.  It is not very nice for them to have to look at your dirty serviette on the table.  When you do replace your serviette, if there are any obvious bad food stains, neatly fold the serviette so the food stains are not seen.  The used serviette goes onto the left hand side of your plate

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