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Taking clients to lunch or dinner is a very big part of business, so it is important to know how to be a perfect host.

1. If you are the host, arrive a few minutes before the arranged time.  Leave our credit card with the maitre’d so payment of the bill goes smoothly.

2. Make sure you have choose a restaurant that meets your guest’s dietary requirements.  An example is, do not go to a steak house if one of your guests is vegetarian.  You should have checked this out in advance with your guests.

3. Choose a restaurant where you know the service and food is consistently good. This is not the time to be experimenting with a new restaurant – no matter how good the reviews.

4. If possible, choose a restaurant that is close to where your guests work so they do not have to travel across town to get to the restaurant.

5. When making the reservation, request a table that is away from restrooms, the kitchen or an entryway and give your most important guest the best seat.

6. Ask your guests whether they would like to drink wine with the meal and if so, whether they prefer red or white and what type. It is your job to then choose and appropriate wine and to taste it.

7. Do not order food that is difficult to eat such as ribs.

8. Put your serviette on your lap if the waiter does not do so. Do not tuck it into the top of your shirt.  If you need to leave the table to go to the restroom, place it on the back of your chair.  At the end of the meal just fold it over a couple of times and leave it at the left hand side of your plate.  Do not re-fold it exactly as it was when you arrived.

9. If you do need to go to the restroom simply say “Please excuse me”. No further explanation is required.

10. Make sure your mobile phone is switched off the entire time you are at the restaurant.

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