What is Correct Etiquette When Flying?

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With many airlines in the media today it’s more important than ever to teach staff how to behave in dire situations.

Flying by plane whether it’s for business or pleasure is something people do all the time so here are some flying etiquette tips to make your and everyone else’s journey more pleasant.

1. Do not click

Do not click your fingers at a flight attendant to get their attention.

2. Be considerate

Be considerate when reclining your seat. The general rule is that if the flight is under three hours, you do not recline your seat.  Also, during meal service, do not recline the seat.

3. When travelling with children

If you are travelling with young children, be considerate of other passengers. I know this is difficult, particularly when the air pressure hurts their ears during takeoff and landing.  However, there are some parents who just don’t seem to realise that they are in a public place on a plane and do nothing to control their children.

4. Shoes

If you are going to remove your shoes during a flight, make sure your socks and feet do not smell.

5. What to do with a noisy partner

Dealing with a snoring seatmate is difficult: you can ask for ear plugs from the flight attendant or if there is a spare seat available, you could move.

6. Arm rest etiquette

The etiquette of the arm rests is that the person in the middle seat has both arm rests. If there are two middle seats, then the arm rest between these two people is shared.

7. Limit yourself

Do not overindulge. The effect of alcohol is stronger in high altitudes.

8. Know your rights

Remember to always be civil on flights.

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