Business Etiquette: Does It Really Matter Today?

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Statistics reveal that you require 15% technical skills and 85% social business skills and etiquette to advance in your career.

There are plenty of stories about how a person was fired for breaching good etiquette at work. Etiquette is about treating people with consideration, respect and honesty.  You can still be assertive and a go-getter.

In the workplace, poor etiquette can cause workers to waste work time worrying about rudeness, avoiding the instigator or even cause them to leave their job – a job they are qualified to do.  This has a negative effect on productivity and retention not to mention recruitment and company reputation.  On the other hand, workplaces that actively promote a civil work environment have significantly higher productivity, staff retention and customer loyalty.

Importance of networking

There is a lot of emphasis today on networking.  It is so important to know how to network effectively. Networking is not a quick process of meeting someone, giving them your business card and hoping for business in return.  It is a slow process of getting to know people and their liking and trusting you.

Business over meals

Statistics show that 1/3 of business is conducted over a meal.  Also, very often the last step before a job offer, an applicant is taken to lunch.  It is therefore very important to have good table manners, not just how to hold a knife and fork, but things like knowing what to do with your serviette if you have to leave the table and how to pay the bill in a smooth way and not in front of your guests.

Business etiquette is more important today than ever.  As more and more technology is taking over white collar tasks it dulls emotional intelligence as people spend too much time in front of screens.

So therefore, when they are face to face with people, building relationships is becoming increasingly valuable.  And as relationships are becoming more valuable, business etiquette is becoming more important.

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