Mobile Phone Manners

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Mobile phone manners are a constant source of annoyance probably more than anything else. I am sure you have you wondered whether you should take that mobile phone call when in a meeting or call someone just to pass the time while in a queue.

Good manners never go out of style and although our life is so different to how it was 100 years ago, there are manners we need to observe for the common good.

The following is a list of mobile phone faux pas, which may seem minor but could be very detrimental to your business and even cost you an account.

1. Phone versus people

Treating your mobile phone as more important than the people you are with. If you take a call in front of clients you are really saying that the call is more important than they are.

2. To take the call or not?

Taking or making a call while at dining with other people.Letting your phone ring while in a meeting. If you are waiting on an extremely important call and you need to be at a meeting, let the people you are with know that you need to take the call when it comes in.  Then when you receive the call, step outside, be a quick as possible, return to the meeting, apologise and turn the phone off.

3. Ringing phones during a seminar 

Similarly, letting your phone ring while at a seminar. If you are at a seminar and are expecting a really important call, sit at the back of the room and when the call does come in, step outside, take the call, then return to the seminar as quietly as possible and switch off your phone.

4. Read the room

Letting your phone ring while in a quiet place such as a place of worship, a funeral, the movies or theatre.

5. Texting

Texting (under the table) while dining with people.

6. Talking loudly

Talking loudly on your mobile while in a public place, such as public transport. People around you do not want to hear your private conversations.

7. Passing the time on the phone

Making calls just to pass the time while you are in a queue such as at the bank. This is so annoying to everyone around you.  They are in close proximity and don’t want to overhear your calls.

8. Text-speak

Using text-speak in business. It doesn’t take much longer to use proper words and then there can be no confusion and it is more professional.

9. Voicemail

Leaving your mobile phone on during work hours. Turn it over to voice mail and clear it at lunchtime or at the end of the day.

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