Business Phone Etiquette

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Business phone etiquette is a way to ensure good business relationships. Business phone calls are a way to build relationships with new clients and to grow relationships with current clients. A bad impression over the phone can be very damaging for you and your company. Here are some etiquette points to keep in mind:
1) If you have an assistant or someone who takes calls on your behalf, let this person know your schedule and where you are at all times. This way people trying to reach you will be able to decide if they leave you a message or will call later.
2) Design a professional greeting for your voice mail and record it with a professional and optimistic voice.
3) Keep personal calls to a minimum during business hours
4) Keep in mind that all business calls are confidential. You never know if a competitor is near by listening to your conversation.
5) Don’t answer the phone if you are in the middle of a meeting or in a conversation with a client.
6) Check your voice mail regularly.
7) Smile when you answer the phone. Your voice sounds pleasant and the caller is automatically in a better mood.
8) If the caller is in a bad mood or rude, always remain calm. Provide all the help you can and never respond to verbal attacks. Always be courteous on the phone, no matter who is on the other end. You never know when that important client you’ve been trying to reach for months is calling you to hear your proposal
9) When you leave a message, leave your name, phone number and the subject you want to talk about.
10) Always ask the caller before you switch to speakerphone mode.
11) If you are in charge of setting up conference calls, verify the attendance of all participants, confirm the time of the call, calling numbers, subject matter, time zones, hand-outs (if any), someone to write the minutes, expected duration of the call, and all the details of the conference call.