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Wedding guest etiquette is so important for you the guest to follow. Once you do, you can make this a wonderful occasion instead of a nightmare.  So here is a list of 9 do’s and don’ts for you, the guest to follow so you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.

  1. No excuse is required if you wish to decline an invitation.  A simple “I am sorry I am unable to accept your kind invitation” is all that is required.
  2. You need to RSVP an invitation even if there isn’t a response card.  This should be done within a week of receiving the invitation.
  3. You should not ask for a plus-one.  The bride and groom almost always have to cut back on their guest list either because of space limitations at the reception centre or because of the cost, so for a guest to ask if he/she can bring a partner is very rude.
  4. The wedding invitation and the time of the wedding will be your best guide to the formality or informality of the occasion.  A formal invitation to an evening wedding indicates that you will definitely dress up.  An informal invitation to a noon wedding tells you the affair is either informal or casual.
  5. Gift giving:  You do not have to buy off the registry and you do not have to spend a certain amount.  It is not correct that guests should spend an amount on their gifts that is equal to the per person amount spent to entertain them at the reception.   You should spend what you feel comfortable spending.  You shouldn’t go into debt because you feel it is an expensive wedding therefore you have to give an expensive present.  Remember, it is the thought that counts.
    If the couple has asked for cash – and I do not like this at all – yes, you should give cash.
    A wedding present should be sent as close to the wedding date as possible.
    If you are invited to lots of pre wedding parties, then you should bring a small gift to each.
  6. It is totally inappropriate for another couple to propose at a wedding – the day belongs to the bride and groom and guests are there to celebrate their special day. 
  7. Becoming drunk at a wedding is just bad manners.
  8. There is no problem bringing an ex-partner to a wedding if you have been invited plus-one and you are on good terms with your ex. 
  9. Some couples may welcome social media, while others may be completely against it.  It is always best to ask in advance.  Keep in mind, taking a picture and posting it on Facebook may offend someone who was not invited to the wedding.  Some statistics from Wedding Paper Divas taken in 2014 are: at 33% of weddings guests were asked not to use a mobile device during the ceremony, 40% of recent wedding guests say social media use was encouraged and a specific wedding hashtag was provided.  The average number of photos that guests post to social media sites while at a wedding or wedding related event is 22. 
    However, do not share the wedding photos on an electronic device during the wedding reception.  The other guests have seen it all live and do not need to see your photographic skills.  In one case I know of, no one was listening to the toasts because they were all looking at pictures.

So if you follow these 9 rules of wedding guest etiquette you will have a wondeful time.