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One of my favourite loves is shopping – not supermarket shopping but shopping for clothes, shoes, make up and household rnic naks.  I particularly love shopping in places I have never been to before.  I also love shopping from stalls in far away places.

My favourite pastime when I arrive in a new city is to check out the shops.  I want to see everything that is on offer.  If I can’t find something that I love I am very disappointed. 

When I went on a Mediteranean cruise two years ago, I was in heaven – every day a new port and new shops to discover.  I ended up buying 9 caps – one from each port, and I don’t even wear caps – but that is not the point.  I also bought several pieces of costume jewellery which tarnished almost the first time I wore them.  Again, that is not the point, I had fun buying them.