Wearing a Face Mask

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Wearing a face mask has become the new normal so here are some rules to follow to make it safer for you and other people.

Wearing a face mask
Wear a face mask

Don’t leave home without a mask
Wearing a face mask is now part of your dress.  You need to remember to bring one with you every time you leave the house.  You can buy some in bright and interesting patterns that will match your clothes for a bit of fun.  Maybe leave a couple in your handbag or car.

Cover your mouth and nose
When wearing a face mask it needs to cover your mouth and nose and fit snugly.  It needs to bei worn like this the whole time you are in public.  Do not pull it down to talk to people or talk on the phone.

Don’t put your mask on a restaurant table
When dining at a restaurant, you should wear your mask until you are seated at your table. However, a mask is no longer necessary when you’re eating or drinking so put it either in your pocket or in your handbag – do not put it on the table.  Do not forget to mask up again when you are ready to leave.

Follow the rules
Local governments may choose to make mask-wearing compulsory, but even if yours doesn’t, individual restaurants, buildings, ride-share companies, and shops may have their own rules for customers to abide by. If you want to go into one of these establishments, then you must abide by their rules.

Keep extra masks on-hand for guests
Sometimes, even the most well-meaning guests to your home or office may forget to bring a mask. If that happens, provide one.  Problem solved.

Handle a mask properly
Just as there’s a right and wrong way to wear a mask, there’s a right and wrong way to put on and take off your mask.  Wash your hands before putting on your face covering. When it comes time to remove a cloth mask, take it off only by the ear loops or ties, and place it in the washing machine. Take care not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth and wash your hands right away.

Make sure your mask is clean and in good shape
It should go without saying, but don’t wear a mask that is torn or damaged in any way, as that likely prevents it from doing its job. Wash your cloth mask after each wearing.  It can just go in your regular wash with your other clothes. It is best to dry in direct sunlight or you can use the highest heat setting on your dryer.