Christmas Work Parties

In Corporate Etiquette, Workplace Etiquette by treska roden

Christmas work parties start in November so now is a good time to think about the etiquette of these parties.

Office Christmas Party

They are a great time to relax with the co-workers you have been with all year and have some fun.  It is a great occasion to get dressed up in a lovely party frock instead of being in your conservative work clothes.

However, there are a few rules around Christmas work parties that you need to respect.  Even though it may be held outside work hours and in a lovely venue, it is still a work function.  You may not see it, but you are being watched by management so the following are my tips:

.  Do not drink too much

.  Wear a lovely outfit but not the most revealing one you have in your wardrobe

.  Leave at the time that has been specified on the invitation

.  Do not be the party clown

If you follow the above you can still have a great time and be in line for that promotion next year