The Teenage Etiquette Course

In Teenage Etiquette by treska roden

The teenage etiquette course for these school holidays was held this week  It was a first – all boys.  They were truly lovely to teach and were totally engaged in the subjects.  They were very quick to answers questions and give me examples from their life on the subject we were talking about. This is so important to me because it shows they are really understanding the topic we are discussing.

To show the teenagers learning table manners
The Teenage Etiquette Course

I have noticed that concerned parents are very keen to give their children every advantage that is available to helpt them succeed in life and an etiquette course certainly does that.

Both boys and girls benefit from the Teenage Etiquette Course.  It teaches subjects such as Respect, Why Manners Matter, Non-Verbal Communication, Tact and Discretion, mobile phone use, cyber bullying, saying “Please” and “Thank you” and Table Manners.  These, as well as all the other subjects that are taught are important for both genders and are subjects that will last with them a lifetime.

I have had many emails from parents thanking me for teaching their child at the Teenage Etiquette Course and commenting on how much more polite and respectful their child has become. 

It is interesting; that once a person has done an etiquette course and learnt the importance of good manners, their confidence improves.  This is extremely important because without confidence, it is very difficult to get anywhere in this world today.

While the course cannot touch on every aspect of life, once a person has learnt good manners and consideration for other people, they will automatically apply their knowledge to every situation.  And good manners become infectious. 

So if you would like your teenager to become more polite, considerate and confident book him/her into the next course which will be held in the autumn school holidays on 21 April ’20.