Dorm Etiquette for Students

In Social Etiquette by treska roden

Dorm etiquette for students is important in Australia with so many students now coming from Asian countries and India.

The following dorm etiquette for students should help you navigate this sometimes tricky environment:

  1. Keep your part of the room neat, tidy and clean.  Your mum is not here to tidy up after you so you now have to do it yourself.  You may think this is a waste of time and is not what you want to be doing, but it is just something that has to be done. Colnsider it good practice for when you eventually have your own place.
  2. Be friendly towards your room mates.  You don’t need to be best friends but it is going to make the experience of room sharing much nicer if you are on friendly terms. Offer to help if you can.
  3. If you borrow some clothes or other items from your room-mate, always return them in the same condition they were lent to you i.e. clean and in perfect condition and return them very promptly.
  4. Allow your room mates some privacy.  Don’t always be asking them questions and intrude in their private life. Often people want to keep some things about their life private. You need to respect this.
  5. Keep the noise down if they need to study. Many people cannot work in a noisy environment so be very conscious of this if you want to invite friends over or have loud music.
  6. Be conscious of snells. A lot of people do not like the smell of certain foods or perfumes. Be aware of this and if your roommate says something, be sure not to bring that particular food into the room again or to use that particular perfume/after shave.

If you follow the above guidelines, your time as a student in Australia will be much more fun.