Good Manners and COVID-19

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Good manners and COVID-19 are hard to say in the same sentence. However, it is important to use good manners even in these difficult times.  The 2 metres distance rule is now well known.  Below are a few other good manners to adopt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Good Manners and COVID-19

When you communicate, be respectful.  A lot of people are stressed so if you can be polite it helps everyone and you are more likely to get what you want.

Spreading Fake News
Always verify the news you receive – check and double check before you share. Spreading fake news is irresponsible in these trying times and dangerous.

Buy what you need
Panic buying leads to less supply for those who really need it.  Just buy what you need and leave enough for other people. There is no need to hoard.  It is a sign of greed.

Stay put, call home
It is difficult not to see your extended family during these times but you just have to make do with all the available digital messaging platforms:  Skype, Zoom, WeChat, Facetime. 

Make sure you exercise, at homeExercise at home if possible. There are many YouTube videos that offer fun exercise routines that you can do at home.

Be clean
If you use a face mask, dispose of it after each use – in the bin.  If you are using disposable gloves every time you go outside, again, dispose of them in the bin.

Jogging and Running
If you are out jogging or running, be mindful that for other people, the thought of encountering a heavily perspiring runner who is exhaling heavily as they overtake at close quarters on a narrow path may cause alarm.

Spitting at any time is considered rude in the West.  However, in these times of COVID-19 it is also dangerous.  The spit could contain sputum from the lungs.

In the current climate, “Stay well” is an acceptable option for signing off.