Knitted Pouches for Joeys

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Knitted pouches for joeys are needed because of all the orphaned or injured joeys from the bushfires.  So I got out my knitting needles and bought some colourful wool and started knitting. The image shows the three I have already knitted. I will be making lots more as I am sure as many as possible are needed.  I will stop when the wildlife authorities say they have enough.

knitted pouches for joeys

They go to the Animal Rescue Craft Guild who distribute them where they are needed.  The pattern comes from their Facebook page.  It also lists all the items it needs people to knit and sew.

These bushfires are so dreadful. They are devastating Australia. Every state has been affected. Millions of hectares have been burnt, over 2,000 homes have been lost and 20 lives.

So many people are doing wonderful things to help. Some people are going to the supermarkets, filling their cars with essentials and taking them to the refuge centres. Other people are offering their homes to complete strangers to give them a place to sleep. Other people are offering their land for people’s horses and other animals to graze. It is so amazing.

People really do come together in a crisis.

The knitted pouches for joeys that I have made are really nothing in comparison to the wonderful things other people are doing.

I do hope the government can put measures in place so that in future when we have bushfires, they can be put out quickly to avoid the major devastation we have had this season.

God bless the wonderful firefighters who have been battling these ferocious blazes for over four months. They put their lives in danger every day to protect us and our properties. Some were even fighting fires when their own homes were burning down.