The School Etiquette Class

In Teenage Etiquette by treska roden

The School Etiquette Class I taught this week was to 130 Year 10 girls at Mount St Joseph. The main subject they wanted was Job Interview Skills. This topic covers all aspects of going for a job interview such as:

Mount St Joseph
mount st joseph
  1. Why get a part time job when still at school
  2. Types of jobs to look for
  3. Where to look
  4. How to prepare for the interview
  5. Having perfect manners in the interview
  6. The interview
  7. Practicing typical interview questions
  8. The thank you at the end of the interview

The girls were extremely enthusiastic about my presentation and participated really well in answering the questions I put to them. It was a pleasure to teach such a polite, enthusiastic group.

I was introduced by one of the girls and at the end of the presentation I was thanked by another girl ad give a gift. It is small details such as this that makes a school stand out from the crowd.

I was very impressed by the lovely warm and caring atmosphere that exists at the school. A couple of examples are: they had the Aboriginal flag as well as the Australian flag flying. I was told they support a school in Peru and raise money for this school Next week they are having a “market day” and all proceeds go to this school.

It is no wonder the girs were so lovely when they are lucky enough to be going to such a wonderful school.

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