Toilet Paper Frenzy

In news, Social Etiquette by treska roden

Toilet paper frenzy seems to be the latest thing in Sydney. It is disappointing to see the frenetic rush of people buying up massive amounts of toilet paper. This is from fear that it will become scarce because of the coronavirus outbreak.  Authorities are suggesting we all stock up on 2 weeks’ supply of necessities such as toilet paper, medications, and food staples.  

Toilte paper frenzy buying

The images of some people filling their car with toilet paper just shows greed and lack of consideration for other people.  Then there are images of people actually physically fighting to get some toilet paper.  If everyone just bought a little more than usual, there would be plenty to go around.  But the way some people have bought it means that other people are missing out.

This toilet paper frenzy must stop. Everyone needs to show good manners and respect for other people. We don’t live in a third world country where supplies of necessities will run out for months at a time. This is a first world country where we are well looked after and our needs are met. It seems to me that many people who have come from third world countries or totalitarian regimes have experienced deprivation and at the first suggestion that something could go wrong revert to their self preservation techniques. Very sad to see and totally unnecessary in Australia.

But even worse than the people who are stocking up massive amounts of toilet paper are the people who are advertising a single roll for up to $1,000. I do hope no one falls for these scammers. They are totally ruthless, trying to take advantage of a situation and make a quick dollar.

Let’s all stop for a moment, take a long deep breath and realise we live in a wonderful country.