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My session with Josh Szeps this week was about etiquette when flying.

There was so much to talk about – reclining seats, the arm rests, overhead lockers, blocking the aisles, exiting the aircraft, bringing your own food on board, controlling your children and taking off your socks and shoes during flight to name just some of the topics.

You can find the session on the link below:

Fast forward to1 hour 4 minutes will take you straight to the session.

It was a lively discussion with so many people ringing in with their comments and other people sending an email.

Flying does create a lot of issues because there are many people from many different backgrounds all being together for many hours – 14 in some cases in a confined space.

There is also a lot of anxiety when flying: many people are nervous about flying and some people are flying for sad reasons like going to a funeral or to visit a sick relative/friend.

If you are like me it has been a mad rush to get everything organised at home and at the office before you get to the airport. I can’t wait to be offered a glass of champagne so I can sit back, relax and enjoy the flight (as much as possible when being crushed in economy).

If good manners when flying interests you, you can find my session with Josh Szeps this week was about etiquette when flying.

If you have any comments you would like to make, I would love to hear from you. It is such an interesting topic and one that affects so many people.

Now that our borders have re-opened after COVID we can expect many people to be travelling by plane and there is a good chance you will be flying.