Stay Safe While Shopping

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Stay safe while shopping has become the new catch phrase. The motto now is ‘get in and get out’ with as little contact as possible.
So how to shop while avoiding people?  It’s not so easy if the aisles are narrow and the store is packed.  Here are a few tips to help out:

shopping safely
  1. Disinfect The Trolley. Bring your own wipes or wear gloves while you shop.  Best not to reply on the supermarket to be wiping the trolleys
  2. Hide Your Phone. Never leave your iPhone in the shopping trolley.  It carries more germs than a toilet seat.  Keep it elsewhere and disinfect it when you get in the car.
  3. Limit Store Time.  Have your list ready so you know exactly what you need. Hopefully you are shopping in your regular supermarket and know exactly where to find the products.
  4. Give Way to Other Shoppers. Be a courteous shopper. If someone is coming towards you in an aisle, move out of their way to let them pass.  
  5. Shop Less, Buy More. Going to the stops on a daily basis isn’t safe, so stock up once a week if possible, or order online for home delivery.  
  6. Avoid Being A Hoarder. Buy only what you need for a week or so. It is truly not necessary to hoard in Australia. This is just a sign of greed.
  7. Keep a Safe Distance. Remember to adhere to the tape on the floor which has been placed there so we all keep a safe distance from each other. If you find someone has encroached on your space, you can politely ask them to move back a little bit.

I hope the above suggestions help you to stay safe while shopping.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before the world finds a vaccine or cure for this dreadful virus and then we will all be able to return to our regular supermarket shopping habits.