Declining Invitations During Lockdown

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Declining invitations during lockdown as life begins to return to pre coronavirus days can be quite difficult.  There are still a lot of lockdown ruIes in place which should be observed.

If you’ve been invited to something you know shouldn’t be happening, here’s how to say “no” politely.

Use the phone to decline an invitation

Pick up the phone

William Hanson of The English Manner, suggested: “These things are always best done on the telephone, perhaps a voice-only call so you can be spared seeing any of their pained facial expressions.”

Let them know you’re sad to miss out

“When communicating your decision,” Hanson explains, “the first thing is to acknowledge and stress how disappointed you are to be missing the event and how in usual circumstances you’d be there.”

Explain your reasoning

According to Hanson, it’s best to explain your reasoning and be prepared to have evidence to back up your point. “Say that, after seeking advice from others (no need to say who), you have chosen to prioritise your own health and the health of the other people you may come into contact with at the event. Then stress again how much this decision upsets you but how you hope they will understand and accept your reasons.”

Book in another date

Although saying no in these circumstances is a bit of a no brainer for a lot of people, it’s always disappointing to hear your nearest and dearest won’t be attending.

Hanson says the remedy for this is letting the person know you’re keen to mark the occasion in another way once some semblance of normality has returned. “If you want to you can say you will treat them to a special dinner or night out to mark the occasion.” And, he says, you could also send a present the day of the event to show you’re thinking of them.

Future events

So what if the event is in a few months time? As nobody knows what the future holds, there’s no harm in giving a “provisional yes” at this point. In other words, you’re not fully committing to attending the event but you’re also saying you’ll go if you can.

Declining invitations during lockdown isn’t easy but I hope the above helps you.