Speaking Under a Mask

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Speaking under a mask is not easy. The following should help you remain friendly in this difficult situation.

Eye contact
Eye contact is the basis of trust, releasing chemicals like oxytocin in the brain. If someone doesn’t look us in the eye our subconscious mind assumes that we can’t trust that person rather than that they may be nervous.

When you are speaking under a mask, your mouth may be covered, but a smile is still visible. It can also be audible in your speech, making you sound warmer and friendlier, so remember to keep smiling even from behind your mask.

Speak more distinctly
A face covering muffles speech and eliminates the possibility of lip-reading for those with hearing difficulties. Raise your voice and speak as clearly as possible to make yourself heard.

Be mindful of your body language
Keep your body language positive and open – avoid slouching or crossing your arms – if you want to come across as friendly and approachable.

I hope the above information will help you through these difficult times while we all have to speak under a mask.