6 Zoom Etiquette Tips

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6 Zoom etiquette tips below should help you have a focused and effecive Zoom meeting.

There is no substitute for good manners in all of our daily interactions and this includes video workplace meetings. These 6 Zoom etiquette tips are additional to the normal good manners of being on time, maintaining eye, paying attention, avoiding eating and drinking, minding your body language, and being respectful to whoever is speaking.

1.Make sure you introduce everyone at the beginning.
Be sure to introduce all parties you are hosting at the beginning to create a welcoming environment and stimulate engagement.

2. Ensure that you have a clean, work-appropriate background.
You want your attendees’ focus to be on the meeting content, not your messy office or your art collection. By having a clean setting with work-appropriate art and decorations, you reduce the chance that attendees will get distracted.  Zoom’s virtual background feature is an easy way to eliminate background distractions when you have to meet in a messy or busy location. 

3. Look into the camera when talking instead of looking at yourself.
Look directly into the camera while speaking as this creates an environment where everyone feels engaged and present in the conversation.  

4. Be aware of your audio and video settings.
Check that your microphone is unmuted and that your camera is on to ensure that all attendees can hear you and see you when you speak.

5. Only invite meeting participants who need to be there.
Inviting co-workers who don’t need to participate or make decisions can be detrimental to the quality of the meeting. Because you can send other stakeholders a summary of the meeting via Zoom Chat, you can limit the attendee list and keep the meeting streamlined.

6. If you’re the host, be the last to leave.
The general rule for meeting hosts: Wait until everyone else has left the meeting before hanging up, so attendees can leave at their own pace and get any final words in before disconnecting

I hope you find the above to be helpful when you host your next video meeting.