Three Foods to Eat Correctly

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Here are three foods to eat correctly. Even though we may be in lockdown, it is still nice to eat food correctly. It is also a good time to practice so that when we do come out of lockdown, you will be an expert. So here is the correct way to eat three foods.

1. SOUP:
Hold the soup spoon in your right hand, scoop the soup away from you, then “tip” it into your mouth. Only half fill the spoon each time so you don’t spill the soup as you bring the spoon up to your mouth. As the soup is nearing the end you may tip your bowl outwards with your left hand so you can scoop up the last of the soup.

If you are eating bread or a bread roll with your soup do not double dip. This means don’t hold the bread in one hand and the soup spoon in the other. If you wish to eat some bread while you are eating the soup, put the soup spoon down, pick up the bread and eat. When you have finished eating the bread you want, pick up the spoon again and eat the soup. Of course, never break the bread and put into the soup.

Never blow on the soup to cool it down.

These should be eaten with little prongs that you can hold that go in each side of the corn. This is not a food I would recommend serving at any time other than a very casual outdoor meal.

The correct way to butter your bread or roll is to break a small piece of bread. Then to take some butter, using the butter knife on the dish and put it on the side of your plate. Then pick up your own butter knife which will be on your bread and butter plate and butter the small piece of bread you have already broken off.

Always butter the bread or roll on the plate, not in the air. Once you have finished eating this piece of bread, repeat until you have had enough.

So here you have three foods to eat correctly. Enjoy