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Afternoon tea etiquette is important since afternoon teas became a lovely tradition in recent years. This way you will ensure your event goes along without a hitch.

Step one in hosting an afternoon tea is setting up the table. It is an ideal occasion for finger foods. That means beyond teacups, saucers and plates, you just need a small selection of cutlery and perhaps some lovely decorations. The cutlery includes spoons for the tea, as well as a spoon for each the jam and cream.

Afternoon tea food is traditionally served on a 3-tiered platter. The savoury food is on the bottom tier, the scones on the middle tier and the sweets on the top tier.

Afteernoon tea etiquette is no different from other table etiquette in the manner that it is set up. If you’re a guest at a tea party, there are some practical etiquette guidelines that will help you navigate the event. Women wearing lipstick should blot it with tissue before enjoying tea.  

If you pass things to the right, the distribution of milk, sugar and lemon should move along smoothly. Only put a couple of items from the cake stand onto your plate at one time. If you do not enjoy tea, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for coffee. Either way, do not clink your cup when you stir. This comes from the fact that most formal teas include china, which is delicate. After you’re done stirring, put your spoon on the saucer, avoiding the table cloth at all costs. Once the afternoon tea is over, and it is time to leave, the hostess will put her napkin on top of her plate and leave the table, with everyone else following.

Enjoy your afternoon tea knowing you have perfect afternoon tea etiquette.