Teaching Manners to Children

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Teaching manners to children was the topic of the last session on ABC702 with Josh Szeps.

Teaching manners

This is a very big topic and we were only able to scratch the surface in the half hour session.  Many people called in and messaged with their comments mostly about how their parents taught them good manners.

The main subject that was discussed was how to address adults. It does seem that there are a variety of ways small children address adults and in the end it really doesn’t matter how they address them: the important thing is the respect that small children have for the adult.

We will have more sessions about teaching manners to children as there are still a lot of topics to cover.  Of particular interest to me is how to go about teaching children the good manners.  If parents go about it the wrong way, children will resent it and do the exact opposite.  Knowing how to approach it the right way is very important.  

Hopefully in the next session we will continue to discuss this topic.

You can listen in this Thursday at 1.30 pm on ABC702.