Channel 9 Today Extra

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Channel 9 Today Extra filmed a segment promoting International College of Etiquette.  A big thank you to Channel 9 for the wonderful four minute etiquette presentation.  It aired on Tuesday 23 July on Today Extra promoting our College of Etiquette.  We had so much fun.

There was such a great response from the public, Ladies like to know how to behave in all situations.  The course showed them many of the finer points of gracious social behaviour.

The filming of the Channel 9 Today Extra took several hours and it was a great to see a TV segment being made. 

We had a wonderful lunch at Boronia House.  I was able to teach all the ladies present how to correctly eat and drink. 

There was also an image consultant who gave a talk on the correct colours to wear for your skin type. She went around the table and told every lady which colour category they are.  The ladies were fascinated by this.

The other teacher we had present was a body specialist.  She gave the ladies a talk on how she learnt correct posture in South Africa when she was a girl.  She had to carry the family’s water in a container on her head from the water tap to their home. This was several kilometers away.  If she dropped the water then she had to return to the tap and refill the container.  She soon learnt how to stand correctly and not spill the water.  The ladies enjoyed tring to hold the (empty) water container on their head.    

Thank you again Channel 9.