Courses are Resuming

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Lockdown is now over for those of us who are double vaccinated in NSW. I am really happy to say that all courses and private lessons are now available.

The Finishing Touch

11 December 2021

Teenage Etiquette Boot Camp

18 January 2022

Table Manners

12 February 2022

If you would like to book for any of these courses, or would like information, Please contact me: or 0418 273376

One to One Private lessons can be arrange on a day of your preference.

Online learning is also available at a date to suit you.


Online (Voov) Lecture session to 260+ overseas students

I have just finished teaching an 8 session course on line to students at NXU on different aspects of western etiquette. The students are all in the Media/Communications faculty and about 260 are on each session. It is a great honour to have taught at this university.
They have invited me to come to the university in Nanjing, China to teach face to face in March 2022.


With lockdowns lifting, we need to decide what’s safe, what’s friendly and what’s just rude.
After a long time in lockdown and government deciding our social etiquette, the lifting of many COVID-19 restrictions is going to cast us into an unnerving age of uncertainty. What will be safe, and how do we know? What gesture of affection might strike others as callous — or even dangerous?
Once we are vaccinated, should we still be worried about shaking someone’s hand?
What will make these decisions nerve-wracking is what’s made navigating the pandemic so difficult from the outset: the lack of certainty about the dangers of infection or the effectiveness of the countermeasures.
We have come to trust and obey our health officials’ judgement. Hence the sense of panic when we have to make those decisions for ourselves. Will it really be safe without a face mask? Has the danger really gone away, or is it lurking everywhere such as in night clubs and bars.
The restaurant rules will be just as bewildering. Why must we wear a mask when being shown to a table but not when seated?
With all these new rules we need to be mindful of our friend’s/colleagues attitude to this new way of interacting. Some people will still be hesitant to come out of lockdown completely and it is going to take a while for life to get back to “normal” for us all.
Enjoy your new freedoms.