Caring About Your Customers

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Caring about your customers is so important. It is so hard to attract customers so you really need to look after them once they have come to you.

The way you speak to customers on the phone is so important.

Listed below are some suggestions on how to speak correctly to customers when talking to them on the phone. By taking care how you speak to them on the phone really shows that you are caring about your customers.

You should always smile as you pick up the telephone to answer a call.  This way the tone of your voice will be friendly and happy.  If possible, answer the telephone within three rings.  

Sit up straight when talking on the phone. This translates into being attentive to the customer.

Speak distinctly and clearly and keep your voice low in the presence of others, it will be appreciated by the person you are talking to and everyone around you.

If the person being called isn’t available, offer to take a message, then write it down.

Always keep pen and paper near the phone.

Some things to avoid when answering the phone are:

  1.  Brusquely asking “Who is this?” when the caller is unknown or the call is for someone else.  If the caller hasn’t observed the common courtesy of stating her name, you can politely ask, “May I ask who is calling?” or May I tell her who is calling, please?”
  2. It is rude to say “Wait a minute” and keep the caller waiting while you vanish on an errand of your own.
  3. Never say “Hold on”.
  4. Never eat while talking on the phone.

If you follow the above suggestions, I am sure you will keep your customers happy and you will enjoy the fruits that come from happy customers.