Being a Perfect Houseguest

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Being a perfect houseguest is easy if you follow common sense.  And with 

Easter only two weeks away, now is a good time to think about how you and your family will act when staying at your friend’s or family’s home.

The following are a few good rules to follow when being a perfect houseguest

1.Bring a thoughtful gift to your host

2. Never overstay.  Keep to the arrangement of how many days you will be staying

3. Don’t leave your belongings around the house.

4. Don’t show up with your pets

5. Don’t show up with extra guests

6. Don’t just show up at the door and ask to stay

7. Be conscious of noise levels – TV/radio/music, your voice

8. If you are going to take your hosts out for a meal, make sure you have the appropriate clothes with you and also that the food served at the restaurant will suit your hosts

9. Don’t walk around the house with just a towel around you or in your P.J’s.

10. Offer to help: things such as prepping meals, setting the table and taking any glasses or cups to the kitchen rather than leaving them in the lounge.

11. If you are going out on your own, let your hosts know where you have gone and approximately what time you will be home.

12. Be able to entertain yourself. Your host may not be able to entertain you all the time so make sure you have a good book or other items to be able to entertain yourself.

13. Leave their place as clean as you can – clean up any mess you may have made in the bathroom

14. Strip the bed and leave the dirty laundry at the bottom of the bed.

15. Say “thank you” 3 times:

  1.  When you arrive
  2. When you leave
  3. Write a handwritten note when you arrive home

If you follow the above at being a perfect houseguest, I am sure you will be invited back.