Eating Tricky Foods

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Eating tricky foods was this week’s topic when I was interviewed by Josh Szeps on ABC702.

I went into the studio which I haven’t done before.  They were not allowing any visitors into the building during COVID but now they have opened up.  It was a great experience being in the studio where all the magic happens.  I felt very special and Josh’s producers and assistant were so lovely and welcoming.

The tricky foods we discussed were breaking and buttering a bread roll, eating lobster – which I knew nothing about as I don’t eat crustaceans, eating asparagus, eating soup and the differences when eating soup in different Asian cultures.

The half hour went by so quickly and there were so many more tricky foods to discuss.

Many people called in and sent in emails asking questions and making comments.  Some people thought good table manners and eating foods correctly was old fashioned.  Overall though, most people enjoyed talking about the correct way they had been taught to eat different foods.

If you would like to listen to the interview here is the link:

Go to: 1:02:40 and it will take you straight to the interview.

It was an absolute delight to meet Josh as he is so kind and positive. I look forward to the next time I go to the ABC studios to do a live on air interview with him.