Dress Rules for Flemington Racecourse

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Dress rules for Flemington Racecourse members enclosure are very strict.
Here is the list of general rules, rules specific to women and rules specific to men put out by the VRC chairman.

  • No joggers, sports shoes, track shoes, runners, slippers (ugg boots included), gumboots, or thongs.
  • No jeans, jodhpurs, tracksuits, or untailored pants.
  • No above the knee short suits.
  • No torn or ripped clothing, even if it’s from Balmain.
  • No parkas, duffle coats, windbreakers, tracksuit tops, golf and yachting weatherproof jackets, denim jackets, casual or untailored leather jackets, anoraks, and oilskin jackets.
  • Strictly no denim.


  • No belly buttons or exposed buttocks from open garments below the waist.
  • No bralettes and bandeau crop tops.
  • No leggings worn as pants.
  • No pants tucked into socks or footwear.
  • No above the knee jumpsuits, playsuits and shorts.


  • No safari suits, cargo pants or pants with elastic cuffs.
  • No peaked caps or beanies.
  • No jumpers or cardigans (without a jacket), rugby tops and football guernseys, even if wearing a tie.
  • No cravats.
  • No open-neck shirts or shirts with no collar.

Dress rules for Flemington Racecourse for each of the major days:

Caulfield Cup Day, Caulfield – Bold Colours
There’s no official theme for Caulfield Cup day, so you can wear anything as long as you stick to the general spring racing rules. In recent times though, the trend has been toward bold colours, strong statement pieces and colour blocking. It’s really a chance to use your imagination and make a statement, without too many guidelines to adhere to, like on some other race days.

Derby Day, Flemington – Monochrome
Derby Day attendees will be wearing just black and white. You can be head to toe in one or the other, but it’s even better if you can mix in a bit of each. The code applies to all parts of your outfit, including shoes and bag.

Melbourne Cup, Flemington/Australia-wide – Bright, Bold, Colourful and Extravagant
This is your chance to really go all out. As the race that stops the nation, you’ll want your outfit to be a show-stopper. Bright colours are popular, as are sparkles and big fascinators. This is one day you definitely want to wear a headpiece for. That applies not just to Flemington, but any of the big Melbourne Cup events that are held across the country!

Oaks Day (Ladies Day), Flemington – Feminine
Traditionally known as Ladies Day, Oaks Day asks you to bring out your feminine side. This day is filled with pink and pastels, florals, prints, lace and dainty headpieces. It’s more chic rather than over-the-top.

Stakes Day, Flemington – Relaxed and Fun
Also known as “Family Day”, Stakes Day is more relaxed relative to other race days of the season (but not too relaxed!). Keep things simple with a summer dress, something floaty and fun, with a simple headpiece.

Whichever day you choose – enjoy yourself