Dressing for a Job Interview

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Dressing for a job interview is so important. We have people evaluating us at the interview with limited information about us, so our appearance is a large part of the first impression.

We want every advantage that we can get when we are applying for a job and because our appearance is so important , it is worth taking advantage of in any way that we can. 

We also know that the person hiring is looking for someone who is going to do the job well and be the best fit for the team or company.  Having said that, if two people are equally qualified and one is presented better than the other, it doesn’t take much to work out which one will be hired.

It is always better to dress one step up than one step down in an interview. And remember, dress for the job you want.

Just the same way we can understand that showing up in joggers and shorts when the company dress code is suits would not make the best impression, showing up in a suit when the company culture is joggers and shorts, can be equally problematic.

Knowing this, it’s best to see if you can get a sense of the company culture before you go in for your interview.  If you have the opportunity, ask the person with whom you are scheduling the interview about the company dress code. If you cannot do this, try calling the company and asking someone in reception if they don’t mind taking a moment to describe how people commonly dress for your desired position. 

Dressing well for the job interview may not land you the job, but it certainly will help.