In Social Etiquette by treska roden

Etiquette advice was sought by my friend about how she can query a bill by her beautician.  The beautician doesn’t give her an invoice, she just deducts the total amount from her credit card. Whilst I thought this unusual, my friend said that she has been going to her for years and they have a good relationship. My friend wants to continue using this beautician so she wants to be able to say it in a nice way that won’t offend.

My etiquette advice was to start off by saying something positive like, “Thank you for fitting me in the other day”.  Then in a polite way asking if she could email an itemised account.  I think it is important to be polite when asking and not accuse the person of any wrongdoing.  If the wrong amount has been charged or you feel an amount is excessive, this will come out in the itemised account.  You can then get back to the person and discuss the particular amount in question.