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Email etiquette on ABC702 was today’s topic on their Afternoon programme.


Email etiquette is an important topic because so many people use email many times every day.

The main points that were discussed were the greeting and sign off, correct grammar and spelling, the use of “cc” and “bcc”, replying to an email within 24 hours, wasting time using the company email for non-essential matters, using ASAP instead of “as soon as possible” and using abbreviations in general.

One topic that was not discussed when discussing email etiquette on ABC702 but that I would have like to raise is the use of emojis in businesss situations. I believe they should not be used in business but are fun to use in private emails and messages.

Many people rang in about email etiquette with stories about sending an email to the wrong person and what they use for the greeting and sign off. Generally the people who rang in were using quite casual greetings and sign offs. This is perfect when writing to friends but in a corporate environment, it is better to use slightly more formal greetings and sign offs.

This is the first time I have discussed a work topic on Afternoons.  Usually the topic is more family oriented or on social issues.  This was because Josh Szeps was not the announcer as he is on holidays.                   .

It is always so much fun going to the ABC studios in Ultimo.  The ABC  is our national broadcaster and has such a wonderful reputation which it upholds.  I feel very privileged to be asked to be on the air once a fortnight talking about etiquette.  I do hope that the audience finds my comments useful.

As I was leaving they said to me “see you in 2 weeks” so I guess I will be back on with another interesting etiquette topic then.