Corporate Etiquette Questions

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Corporate etiquette questions are asked all the time by businesspeople so here are a few common questions that I have been asked:

  1. When I am introducing two people, whose name do I mention first?
    A. The person who is the more important is mentioned first.
  2. In a restaurant, if I drop a piece of cutlery, should I pick it up?
    A. No, leave it on the floor and ask the waiter for a new piece.  It is not correct to place a piece of cutlery that has dropped back onto the table.
  3. If I am the host of a business lunch in a restaurant, do I have to choose the wine or can I leave it to my guests?
    A.  As the host it is your duty to choose the wine after consulting with your guests the variety of wine they would like.  It is also your duty to taste each bottle of wine that is brought to the table.  The only exception to tasting the wine is if you do not drink alcohol.  Then you can ask one of your guests to do this for you.  However, you still need to be the person who orders the wine.
  4. If I am the guest at a restaurant, how do I know what price point of food I can order?
    A.  Be moderate in your choice of food.  Just because your host has told you to order what you like, does not mean you should order the most expensive dish on the menu.
  5. What is the best colour tie for me to wear?
    A. Blue – and preferably dark blue.
  6. What do I do if my mobile phone rings while I am in a meeting?
    A.  Your mobile phone should have been switched off before you entered the meeting.  However, if you forgot to switch it off, let it ring and do not answer it.
  7. How do I give a person my business card?
    A.  When he asks for it, at the start of the conversation or at the end of the conversation. Never during the conversation as this breaks the flow of the conversation. Always give the person your business card with the writing facing up and towards him/her.  If giving a business card to an Asian person, use both your hands when giving your card.
  8. Is it o.k. to eat and drink at a networking function?
    A.  Drink very moderately – remember loose lips sink ships and only eat food if it is easy to pop into your mouth without making a mess. 

If you have any corporate etiquette questions, please contact me and I would be delighted to answer them.