8 Etiquette Rules for the Office

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 Here are 8 etiquette rules for the office. Follow these and you will have a much happier experience at work.

Open plan office

1. Be on time for meetings. 
If you are not on time it says that your time is more important than everyone else’s. You also either keep the other people waiting or you miss part of the meeting.

2. Keep your desk tidy.
This way you will know where everything is. Also you might have visitors unannounced. Then to have to quickly tidy up your desk is not a good look

3. When seated, don’t cross your legs.
Besides not looking professional, it is bad for your hips as it puts them out of alignment. So either cross your legs at your ankles or just keep your feet together on the ground

4. Make others feel welcomed. 
If a new person comes into your department, always be the first to introduce yourself and the others in the section. It makes them feel welcome and you will be remembered for this little gesture. Also, show them around so they know where everything is.

5. Never borrow personal items from someone else’s workspace.  
If you need something from a co-worker, ask first. Do not just take something. Even though items may belong to the company, it is not o.k. to just take something from another person’s desk or workspace.

6. Never eat at your desk.
You should either eat in the company’s kitchen or go outside and sit in a park and eat your lunch. Also, be aware of the smell of food that you bring into the company kitchen. You may like the food and its smell, but maybe not all your co-workers will like the smell.

7. Never walk into someone’s office without knocking first.
When the door is closed, it generally means that someone is busy. You can send the person an email asking when you can to talk with them about an issue.

8. No mobile phones. 
Always turn off your phone during meetings or if your desk is out in the open. If you do use your mobile during company time, it should just be a very quick call. The time to use your mobile is at lunch time

If you follow these simple 8 office etiquette rules you will have a much more pleasant work experience and make life much nicer for those around you.