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Using perfume is one of life’s small pleasures.  However, there are certain times when you should not be dabbing some on behind your ears and on your wrists.

Using perfume

Many people are allergic to the smell of perfumes and colognes.  Also there are times when people are allergic to them.

Listed below are times when it is inappropriate to use perfume:

1.On public transport
This is always a confined space so be considerate of the other travellers and do not use perfume or cologne

In hospitals

Another time to avoid perfume is when you go to a hospital either as a patient or to visit someone. People are particularly sensitive to smells when they are not well so it is a courtesy to others that you do not use a perfume.

3. Around pregnant people
When women are pregnant they have a stronger sense of smell than normal.  The smell of a perfume can actually make them feel nauseous

4. At a funeral

This is not the time for perfume.  It can be seen as disrespectful.  A funeral is not about you but about showing respect to the deceased and the family.  

5. At the gym

This is a place to work out and you will be perspiring.  Perfume does not mix well with perspiration.  Only use a deodorant.

6. In the office

Perfume in the workplace is not advised. You will attract attention to yourself for all the wrong reasons. You want your co-worker and boss to focus on what you are saying and doing not on your perfume.