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Caring for your customers is essential for the success of your business.

Here are a few tips to help you:


Business people shaking hands after successful negotiations
  1. You should always smile as you pick up the telephone to answer a call.  This way the tone of your voice will be friendly and happy.  If possible, answer the telephone within three rings.  
  2. Sit up straight when talking on the phone.
  3. Speak distinctly and clearly and keep your voice low in the presence of others, it will be appreciated by the person you are talking to and everyone around you.
  4. If the person being called isn’t available, offer to take a message, then write it down.
  5. Never brusquely ask “Who is this?” when the caller is unknown or the call is for someone else.  If the caller hasn’t observed the common courtesy of stating his/her name, you can politely ask, “May I ask who is calling?” or May I tell her who is calling, please?”
  6. It is rude to say “Wait a minute” and keep the caller waiting while you vanish on an errand of your own.
  7. Never say “Hold on”.
  8. Never eat while talking on the phone.


  1. Staff should handle customers with respect and be warm and welcoming.
  2. When you greet a customer who has been waiting in the foyer for you, you should shake their hand and either say “Hello” or “How do you do?” (if you don’t know them). 
  3. Always let the customer go first unless you have to take them through a difficult path to your desk, then you may say “Shall I lead the way?”
  4. When you are finished your meeting, see your customers off your premises by walking them to the lift, shaking their hand and pushing the lift button for them.