Channel 10 Studio 10

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I was honoured to be invited to appear on Channel 10’s Studio 10 programme to talk about modern day etiquette. They had asked me to cover 3 etiquette topics: table manners, shaking hands and the “do’s” and “dont’s” of mobile phones.

Studio 10, Channel 10

I packed a large suitcase full of silver cutlery, china, crystal glasses, a tablecloth and serviettes for the table manners segment.

When I arrived they allocated a young assistant to help me unpack the suitcase and set up the table for 3: the two male hosts – Richard Reid and Joe Hildebrand and me.

I had been very nervous all the night before and early in the morning, but once I arrived at the Channel 10 studio, I was fine. Everyone appeared so relaxed and was just going about their job. It certainly was a well-oiled professional team. They made me very welcome and allocated a lovely young lady to assist me and escort me everywhere.

I went to hair and make-up and was made to look as good as I can look, then I went to the green room (which was not green) and waited until I was escorted to the set. After I had been mic’d up, I went onto the set, met the 4 hosts and then it started.

I completely forgot I was on television – I was so busy trying to keep Joe and Richard in line. Either their table manners are very bad or they just pretended in order to get a response from me (I am sure it was the latter). Either way, they succeeded – I had to correct everything they did.

One of the female hosts, Sarah Green said that she would like me back as there is so much more they would like to know about etiquette. Also, we only talked about table manners and didn’t have time to talk about shaking hands and mobile phone etiquette.

When it was all over, they were very generous and allowed me to have a photo taken with them as you can see.

I received a lovely email later in the day from the producer who said I was a natural!