Channel 7 Sunrise

In Finishing Touch by treska roden

Finally, have the time to write about the past 2 weeks. As some may aware, a few students from my Finishing Touch course and I were on the Channel 7 Sunrise program.

It was a great surprise when I found out Channel 7 was interested in our Finishing Touch course.  I was thrilled but at the same time realised there were so many things I needed to arrange to work with the TV show. As you know, Sunrise is a breakfast show that runs from 5:30–8:30.  I needed to contact everyone about the time, organise the venue, talk to the TV producer about the schedule and topics to be covered.

Well, I guess you all know how everything turned out. It was a great success and we all had a fun time. Even Sam Mac the presenter from Channel 7, had lots of fun showcasing The Finishing Touch course and Sean Flynn the producer loved his morning with us.  I know this is not my first time on TV but every time is a brand new experience.

A big thank you to Boronia Hose at Mosman for putting up my bizarre requests all the time and to those who came at 5am in the morning to be ready for the first 5.30 segment.  I could not have done it without every one of you. Hopeful we can do this again.