Treska Roden

Treska Roden has enjoyed a lifetime of good manners and etiquette. Her grandmother was the headmistress of a girl’s finishing school in Berlin in the early 1900’s. The etiquette baton was passed down to her mother and now Treska teaches business etiquette, teenage etiquette, table manners and social etiquette.

She had a business for 23 years before starting International College of Etiquette. The business employed 50 people and saw about 12,000 people pass through its doors each year. Treska was recently appointed the etiquette trainer for the Sydney Swans Academy.

International College of Etiquette started in 2010 and since then Treska has taught at many schools, including Wenona, Oakhill College and companies including the Commonwealth Bank. She has also given numerous presentations including about 30 Rotary groups, Illawarra Women in Business and Asia Success Business.

Treska was trained as a business etiquette consultant by Jacqueline Whitmore, America’s foremost etiquette expert and founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach. She is regarded as one of the most widely quoted experts on business etiquette in the world. The Protocol School of Palm Beach, provides international protocol, cross-cultural awareness, business etiquette and executive presence training to groups and individuals all over the world. Treska is also certified to teach teenage etiquette.

Treska is passionate about good manners and sharing her knowledge with businesses, individuals and teenagers. Her aim is to give people the tools required to be caring, confident and be their best in all situations.

This is a photo of Treska’s grandmother with some of her students.

Treska Roden

Treska Roden