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Guide to Lockdown Etiquette

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The coronavirus lockdown has brought with it a slew of social rules that are frequently changing and difficult to navigate. WHEN OUTSIDE  Exercise (with) caution: Debrett’s stressed that it is your responsibility if you are running or cycling to ensure you leave others with enough space to pass you comfortably. Stock image Make way for others Confused about who has right of …

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Declining Invitations During Lockdown

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Declining invitations during lockdown as life begins to return to pre coronavirus days can be quite difficult.  There are still a lot of lockdown ruIes in place which should be observed. If you’ve been invited to something you know shouldn’t be happening, here’s how to say “no” politely. Pick up the phoneWilliam Hanson of The English Manner, suggested: “These things …

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Stay Safe While Shopping

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Stay safe while shopping has become the new catch phrase. The motto now is ‘get in and get out’ with as little contact as possible.So how to shop while avoiding people?  It’s not so easy if the aisles are narrow and the store is packed.  Here are a few tips to help out: Disinfect The Trolley. Bring your own wipes …

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Channel 10 Studio 10

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I was honoured to be invited to appear on Channel 10’s Studio 10 programme to talk about modern day etiquette. They had asked me to cover 3 etiquette topics: table manners, shaking hands and the “do’s” and “dont’s” of mobile phones. I packed a large suitcase full of silver cutlery, china, crystal glasses, a tablecloth and serviettes for the table …

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Channel 7 Sunrise

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Finally, have the time to write about the past 2 weeks. As some may aware, a few students from my Finishing Touch course and I were on the Channel 7 Sunrise program. It was a great surprise when I found out Channel 7 was interested in our Finishing Touch course.  I was thrilled but at the same time realised there were so …

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Channel 9 Today Extra

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Channel 9 Today Extra filmed a segment promoting International College of Etiquette.  A big thank you to Channel 9 for the wonderful four minute etiquette presentation.  It aired on Tuesday 23 July on Today Extra promoting our College of Etiquette.  We had so much fun. There was such a great response from the public, Ladies like to know how to …

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Dorm Etiquette for Students

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Dorm etiquette for students is important in Australia with so many students now coming from Asian countries and India. The following dorm etiquette for students should help you navigate this sometimes tricky environment: Keep your part of the room neat, tidy and clean.  Your mum is not here to tidy up after you so you now have to do it …

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Toilet Paper Frenzy

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Toilet paper frenzy seems to be the latest thing in Sydney. It is disappointing to see the frenetic rush of people buying up massive amounts of toilet paper. This is from fear that it will become scarce because of the coronavirus outbreak.  Authorities are suggesting we all stock up on 2 weeks’ supply of necessities such as toilet paper, medications, …

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Good Manners and COVID-19

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Good manners and COVID-19 are hard to say in the same sentence. However, it is important to use good manners even in these difficult times.  The 2 metres distance rule is now well known.  Below are a few other good manners to adopt during the COVID-19 pandemic. CommunicatingWhen you communicate, be respectful.  A lot of people are stressed so if …

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Knitted Pouches for Joeys

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Knitted pouches for joeys are needed because of all the orphaned or injured joeys from the bushfires.  So I got out my knitting needles and bought some colourful wool and started knitting. The image shows the three I have already knitted. I will be making lots more as I am sure as many as possible are needed.  I will stop …