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Afternoon Tea

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The afternoon tea was invented by one of Queen Victoria‘s ladies-in-waiting, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, Anna Maria Russell, in 1840. The FoodSandwiches are the foundation. A mixture of white and brown bread and the crusts must always be cut off.The sandwiches need to be light and dainty and are eaten with the fingers, never cutlery. Traditional fillings consist of smoked …

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Channel 7 Sunrise

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Finally, have the time to write about the past 2 weeks. As some may aware, a few students from my Finishing Touch course and I were on the Channel 7 Sunrise program. It was a great surprise when I found out Channel 7 was interested in our Finishing Touch course.  I was thrilled but at the same time realised there were so …

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Channel 10 Studio 10

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I was honoured to be invited to appear on Channel 10’s Studio 10 programme to talk about modern day etiquette. They had asked me to cover 3 etiquette topics: table manners, shaking hands and the “do’s” and “dont’s” of mobile phones. I packed a large suitcase full of silver cutlery, china, crystal glasses, a tablecloth and serviettes for the table …

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The Princess Mary Effect

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The Princess Mary effect is reaching fever pitch as she is about to become the Queen of Denmark When Mary Donaldson of Australia starting dating the Crown Prince of Denmark she took lessons in deportment, grooming, manners, style and confidence. You too can take a lesson in these subjects at The Finishing Touch. I won’t guarantee you will become a …

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Workplace Christmas Party Etiquette

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Workplace Christmas party etiquette is just as important as the etiquette of any other party – if not more so. Work Christmas Party Here is a short list of workplace Christmas party etiquette:1.Remember to RSVP the invitation2.Turn up if you have accepted the invitation3.Don’t bring a partner unless the invitation states “with partner”.  4.Don’t drink too much alcohol 5.Don’t dress in …

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Making a Great Impression

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Making a great impression involves a split-second assessment of the other person. Things such as appearance, voice, handshake, eye contact, deportment, body language and facial expressions go to make up our impression. But you can be sure that, just as you make hundreds of these judgements every day, so you yourself are being assessed and judged. So ensure that you …

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Setting Boundaries at Work

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By Stephanie Vozza Setting boundaries at work is not easy. “In the beginning of your career, you can feel invincible—like you can do anything,” says this expert. “But the brain needs rest and breaks to perform at its peak capability.” Your first job after college will be one you always remember. It’s natural to hit the ground running, trying to …