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Wedding guest etiquette is so important for you the guest to follow. Once you do, you can make this a wonderful occasion instead of a nightmare.  So here is a list of 9 do’s and don’ts for you, the guest to follow so you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. No excuse is required if you wish to decline …

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Email Etiquette

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Email etiquette is becoming more important than ever before. The person who doesn’t use proper etiquette when sending emails loses the respect of the recipients. Here is a short list of points to remember: 1. RE: means “Reply”. Many people write in the Subject line “RE: tonight’s party” meaning “Regarding tonight’s party”. This is incorrect and confuses the recipient. 2. …

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Eating Dessert

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By Candice Smith – Candice Smith Etiquette – California Eating dessert for many of us, is the favorite course of the meal. There’s always something to love about dessert! The dessert utensils are at the top of your place setting. When your dessert consists of both harder and softer textures, a fork and spoon will be included and both will …

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Workplace Kitchen Etiquette

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A friend of mine recently told me about a co-worker who, when he was eating in the work kitchen, had eating habits that upset many of his co-workers. This started my thinking about the etiquette of the workplace kitchen. The Fridge Do not leave your old food in the office fridge. Nobody wants to use work time to go through …