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8 Unforgettably Bad Handshakes

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Here are 8 unforgettably bad handshakes. Ask anyone if they’ve ever had a bad handshake and you’ll most likely get a laugh and a vivid description. It’s surprising how long we remember a bad one. Yet since we shake hands so many times in the normal business week, why do so many people shake hands badly? According to a poll …

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Dining Etiquette with Overseas Students

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Dining etiquette with overseas students at the Novotel Darling Harbour. There was a group of 25 students ranging in ages from 18 – 24. They were so enthusiastic to learn all the nuances of western table manners. It was a joy to teach them. By the end of the class they were all eating perfectly with knives and forks, elbows …

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Wedding guest etiquette is so important for you the guest to follow. Once you do, you can make this a wonderful occasion instead of a nightmare.  So here is a list of 9 do’s and don’ts for you, the guest to follow so you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. No excuse is required if you wish to decline …

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Our Morning on Channel 9

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Channel 9 had us as guests on their Today Show, filmed at Boronia House, Mosman on Wednesday 18 July. It was so much fun and it was a joy for me to share with Natalia Cooper, the presenter, five different etiquette segments on the show. Channel 9 has put one of the segments, How to Jam and Cream Scones onto …

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Business Phone Etiquette

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Business phone etiquette is a way to ensure good business relationships. Business phone calls are a way to build relationships with new clients and to grow relationships with current clients. A bad impression over the phone can be very damaging for you and your company. Here are some etiquette points to keep in mind: 1) If you have an assistant …

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Email Etiquette

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Email etiquette is becoming more important than ever before. The person who doesn’t use proper etiquette when sending emails loses the respect of the recipients. Here is a short list of points to remember: 1. RE: means “Reply”. Many people write in the Subject line “RE: tonight’s party” meaning “Regarding tonight’s party”. This is incorrect and confuses the recipient. 2. …