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Business &

Business Training

    This course is for a company that cares about the relationship it has with its customers, its shareholders and its staff. If these relationships are important then you will want to make sure that all your staff are well trained in all aspects of business etiquette.

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      Private business etiquette coaching is so important today. Be part of the etiquette revolution and learn modern business etiquette, confidence, style and presence. Outclass your competition whether in business or in your personal life by having a comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of etiquette.

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      School &


        Why not book etiquette training for your school? Give the children at your school the advantage of learning etiquette. They learn valuable information they can use for the rest of their lives.

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        Watch your child’s self-esteem and confidence grown. They learn etiquette skills that will use for the rest of their lives. Give them an advantage over their peers and watch them shine.

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        Table Manners

        DINING and High Tea ETIQUETTE

          We offer a range of dining etiquette courses from our regular sessions on dining and high tea to private sessions that are tailor-made for corporate businesses and interest groups. Meals are included in all sessions. Get hands-on training and learn what good table manners can bring to your life. Leave an impression that defines who you are.

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          & Social


            This course is designed for people who are looking to up their social skills both in business and in private. Watch your popularity and confidence soar once you have completed this course. It will give you so many tools that you can use every day.

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