The International College of Etiquette teaches modern business etiquette to both companies and the individual person.

If you are a manager make sure your entire team learns all the aspects of business etiquette that they need to represent your company with professional excellence.

Or if you are an individual person and would like to learn modern business etiquette to help you climb the corporate ladder, then this course is also for you.

Either way, whether it is for your team or for you individually, whoever attends the course will learn all the skills needed to be polished, have style, confidence, presence and to communicate with ease.


Course Topics

  • First Impressions

  • Introducing People and Shaking Hands

  • Presentation Skills

  • Corporate Dressing

  • Be An Outstanding Communicator

  • Face To Face Meetings

  • Networking For Success

  • Etiquette in Technology

  • International Etiquette

  • Personal Etiquette In The Office

  • Attending Company Social Functions

  • Dining Etiquette

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