Workplace Christmas Party Etiquette

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Workplace Christmas party etiquette is just as important as the etiquette of any other party – if not more so.
Work Christmas Party
Work Christmas party
Here is a short list of workplace Christmas party etiquette:
1.Remember to RSVP the invitation
2.Turn up if you have accepted the invitation
3.Don’t bring a partner unless the invitation states “with partner”.  
4.Don’t drink too much alcohol 
5.Don’t dress in a provocative way even though it is a party
6.Don’t be the clown of the party – you are being watched even if you don’t realise it.
7.Make an effort when dressing for a party – it is respectful to the host.
8.Put your phone away while at the party – texting and talking on the phone throughout the party is not a good look.
9.Thank the host at the end of the party
10.Send a thank you note or e-mail the next day